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The Northwest Championship Sheep Dog Trial is celebrating its 80th year this year, it is the oldest continually running competition of its kind West of the Mississippi and maybe the oldest in the country.  It brings together sheep herding dogs (mostly Border Collies) from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California to compete for the title of Northwest Champion Sheepdog.  The event is held as part of the Linn County Lamb and Wool Fair in Scio Oregon (the oldest fair in the state) on May 29-21.

Holding a sheepdog competition in May is difficult, a lot of the big fields we often use (grass seed and hay fields) are not available at this time of year so land owners have to be compensated more to offset their income loss. As the competition was about to hold its 75th event it was in danger of failing as no place to hold it could be found so I stepped in to help even though I already manage 3 other competitions during the year.  In years past the Fair Board have scraped together grant money from various sources to help cover the expenses of the herding competition but this year we need to find funding for the event ourselves. 

The fair is  a 501C3 organization and the groups insurance covers the herding competition so our primary needs are funds to reimburse the land owner and provide spectator services as entry fees from the competitors cover all the other costs. We need about $3000 for the entire event but we have 2 ways that we can reach that goal.  We can find one wonderful sponsor for the whole thing or a combination of $500 and $1000 totalling $3000.  We would be more than happy to talk about it with you or if you want any other information.

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Ian Caldicott
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Option 1 -- $3,000

Option 2 -- $1,000

Option 3 -- $500

Option 4 -- $250