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AKC B Course is an open field course, similar in design to the ISDS course.

The following information kindly provided by Joel Levinson

Course Description

Allowable stock for this course is sheep, ducks, or cattle. At all levels, the length of the drive legs is approximately 1/3 of the length of the outrun.

Outrun distances

Started: 60 to 150 feet for ducks, 120 to 300 feet for cattle and sheep.
Intermediate: 75 to 150 feet for ducks, 300 to 600 feet for sheep or cattle.
Advanced: 75 to 150 feet for ducks, 300 to 1200 feet for sheep or cattle.

Outrun distances must be proportional between the classes.  For example, if a started outrun is 80% of maximum, then all other classes must be 80% of maximum.


The exercises for the course are the outrun, lift, fetch, two gates, a free standing pen, and a hold or shed.

Started: The handler sends the dog, and remains at the handler's post until the stock have passed the handler's post.  From that point, the handler may move through the course with the stock, except that the handler may not enter the pen during penning.  Stock are turned around the handler's post and moved thru the first gate and the second gate.  Handler may walk with dog and stock during these exercises. Stock are then taken to the pen, and penned.  Stock are taken from the pen into the hold/shedding ring, where they are held in the ring until the judge deems the stock to be under control.

Intermediate: Handler sends the dog on the outrun. handler must remain at the post until the drive is completed.  After the outrun, lift and fetch, the dog will drive the stock through gate number 1, turned, and taken straight to the pen.   Handler may only move between the handler's post, pen, and hold ring.  After the drive, stock are penned.  They are unpenned, and taken to the hold ring.   Run ends when the judge signals a hold.

Advanced: Handler may only move between the handler's post, pen, and shed ring.  Dog is sent on an outrun, and after the lift and fetch, sheep are brought around the handler's post, driven through gates one and two, and brought to the pen.   Handler moves to the pen, stock are penned.  Handler and dog unpen the sheep, and stock are taken to the shedding ring.  Handler and dog must shed 1 head if using 3 head of stock, 2 head if using five head of stock.  Judge will signal when the shed is accomplished.


This course is a line course. If the handler misses an obstacle, they should keep going if they made a good attempt at it.  More points will be lost for retreating and retrying the obstacle than to keep going.

Points Breakdown

Outrun                          20
Lift                               10
Fetch                            20
Drive (Fetch II in HS) 30
Pen                               10
Hold (HS & HI)          10
Shed (HX) Shed            5
Hold                               5
Total                          100


A qualifying score is 60 points, provided that none of the categories are scored at less than 50% of the available points in that category.

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