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The following information kindly provided by Joel Levinson.

Course Description

C Course is designed to reflect a tending shepherd's day, as he or she accompanies the flock during their various duties, and confronted with the various things that may happen.   C Course is sheep only.  A minimum of 20 head are used, although it is recommended that more are used.

Distance covered on the course

Started: 440 to 540 Linear yards.
Intermediate: 540 to 780 linear yards.
Advanced: 780 to 880 linear yards.


Exit from the pen: scoring for the pen begins when the handler opens the pen gate, and ends when the last sheep has exited the pen. Before time starts, the handler may at their option, walk around the pen with the dog on lead. The dog may enter the pen via the gate, or by jumping in.

Narrow road: This connects all phases of work on the course. Scoring is from the exit to an exercise, and the 20 foot marker for the beginning of the next exercise. This area should cover approximately 3/4 of the length of the course. Dog is to work the side of the flock where there are distractions and damage could occur. It is up to the handler to have the dog change sides as necessary.

The bridge: The bridge should not be longer than 21 feet or wider than 12 feet. Dog is to stay on the dangerous side of the bridge, but may get behind the flock to encourage them to cross the bridge.

Pause of the flock, Traffic road: Traffic road must be 20 to 25 feet wide. Length varies with the class. Started, with a parked vehicle - 100 yards. Intermediate, with a moving vehicle that passes once, also 100 yards. Advanced, where the vehicle will pass twice - 150 yards. For the pause the dog is brought into a position in front of and facing the flock in order to stop the flock's movement. Handler will move as if to check for traffic, and the stock is not to follow. As a vehicle approaches, the dog will move the flock to the right side of the road, and will work between the vehicle and the flock until the vehicle passes in order to protect the flock. Once the vehicle passes, the sheep may use the entire road. In started the vehicle does not move, but the engine is running. In intermediate, the vehicle will pass once from the front of the flock. In advanced, once from the front and once from the rear. The vehicle is not to be moving more than 5 MPH.

Wide Graze: It is recommended that the wide graze take advantage of natural terrain. Handler may lead the flock into the graze area. Once the sheep are in the graze area, the handler will move inside the graze boundary. Handler may not walk among the sheep during the graze without penalty. Time for the graze is between five and ten minutes. Since the graze may not be used more than three times during a trial, there will need to be multiple graze areas. At the beginning of their run, the handler will be informed which graze they are to use, and they will be numbered. The graze will measure 25 X 50 yards.

Narrow graze (Advanced class only): The dimensions of the narrow graze are 7 to 8 yards by 60 to 100 yards. Other than size, requirements for the narrow graze are identical to that for the wide graze. Since the graze is narrow, the ideal picture will have the flock spread out lengthwise.

Placement before the flock: This exercise is for intermediate and advanced only. Handler will decide when this exercise will take place and will notify the judge. The handler sends the dog along the boundary to head of the flock. At the handler's signal, dog will stand with its attention on the flock. Dog enters the graze and will approach the flock slowly. The approach is stopped 3 times, with the dog standing until the dog reaches the head of the flock. The last stop will be at the point that the dog is at the head of the flock and the sheep's heads are turning. Once the flock has turned, the dog will exit the graze on command in the same area it used to enter the graze.

Repen: Handler will lead the sheep a few steps into the pen, then stand by the gate to the pen. Dog takes a position opposite the handler to prevent sheep from not going into the pen. Run concludes when the handler closes the gate.


Started - 30 minutes.
Intermediate and Advanced: 45 minutes.


Exit from pen and repen 15
Narrow Road                  20
Bridge                             10
Pause/Traffic                   20
Graze (HI and HX)         25
HS                                   35
Placement (HI and HX)  10
Total                              100


A qualifying score is a score of 60 in any class, provided that all of the point categories receive a score of at least 50% of the available points in that category.

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