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     Welcome to the Dogfinder's dog's wanted list, a list of people looking for dogs and what they are looking for.  Items stay on this list for 3-4 months and are then deleted.  Older entries are at the top. The following is a list of people looking for dogs and what they are looking for.  If you want to be added to this list fill out this form.

name: Rod
phone: 760.773.0146
breed: Kelpie
age: Less then 1 Yr
sex: female
train: none
work: sporadic
description: My mixed Kelpie is now in her old age stage and I need to intergrate a new Kelpie pup under her for training purposes.

name: Jason DeWeerd
phone: 269 686 0592
breed: Border Collie
age: < 2 yrs
sex: male
train: none
stock: cattle
work: daily
price: negotiable
description: Looking for a young female, intact, from _proven_ working parents, keen, tough, for working feeder cattle and cows.

name: Brandon Schaaf
phone: 215-651-0912
breed: Border Collie
age: none
sex: dont care
train: full
work: daily
price: none
description: Need a goose dog that can swim very well. Needs to work well with other dogs.

name: michele
phone: 2087243833
breed: welsh corgi
age: puppy
sex: female
train: none
work: none
price: 300 and under
description: I can provide a wonderful farm home for this dog. I have 2 active boys that really would like a dog and lots of places to run. we do not have a lot of money to spend but this pup would be loved and taken care of.

name: Bethany Crawford
phone: 515-460-0291
breed: Border Collie
age: less than a year old
sex: female
train: none
stock: sheep
work: weekly
price: up to 400
description: I am looking for a Border Collie for a hiking companion, learn to herd with, agility, tracking, obedience, and being my other border's (3 yr old female) playmate. I live in town with a small fenced in yard but hike regularly on trail next to my house. I am active in training and member of local kennel and flyball club. Dog can be rescue or not, personality and drive are what is important to me. Will be looking for new dog to join household sometime this spring/summer/fall.

name: Jamie Schultz
phone: 308-289-6043
breed: Border Collie or Aus. Shepard
age: 1 yr to 3-4 yrs old
sex: male
train: flankdrive
stock: cattle
work: daily
price: 0 to 500.00
description: Family looking for a herding dog. Want working parents and would prefer if dog has some training. Will be used to help work cattle. Please contact at 308-289-6043.

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