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     The following series of articles are presented with the kind permission of the authors/publishers.  I hope to be able to add more articles in the future.  If you have an article you would like to contribute please contact me at at the E-mail address below.  Don't forget to check the library for books on training.

The Stock Dog Server also maintains a list of trainers.


bulletRaising and starting a puppy: Part 1 by Beverly Lambert
bulletRaising and starting a puppy: Part 2 by Beverly Lambert
bulletBalance and Pacing by Bruce Fogt
bulletTeaching handlers to Pen by Red Oliver
bulletFinding a Mentor by Pam Green
bulletFinding a Trainer by Beverly Lambert
bulletAttending your first trial by Pam Green
bulletRanch Dog Trainer Articles
bulletFoundations for Training interview with Colin Gordon
bulletTraining Secrets
bulletAmerican Border Collie Articles
bulletWhat is Balance by Candy Kennedy


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